I'm made Tiramisu.. =)

Haiii.. It's been very very long time ago I wrote in this blog.. =)
Now its already 2011.. in this new year, my past hobby, baking is coming back again hoho..
so a week ago, I made a tiramisu.. I got a recipe from internet..
and taraa,,, this is it.. but the taste is very sweet.. hm, i think, i put too much sugar.. but overall the taste it's tiramisu n yummy =)


- 3 egg yolks
- 175 g caster sugar ( I think, the amount of sugar is depend on your taste)
- 250 g mascarpone cheese
- lady finger (lidah kucing)
- instant cofee (add Rum or Kahlua if you like it)
- Cocoa powder
- 250 g Whipped cream liquid

1. Pour whipped cream liquid in cold bowl (put the bowl at refrigerator before we use it) and whisk it with mixer untill form stiff peaks and curdle (put the cold bowl above cold water & ice cube). when we finished, put it at refrigerator, while we make the other steps
2. Whisk egg yolks & sugar in the bowl, in the top pf double boiler over boiling water. Stirring constantly untill thick & lemon coloured. Remove bowl set and let it cool.
3. Add mascarpone cheese, beat untill combine and smooth
4. Take the whipped cream from refrigerator and lightly fold the whipped cream into mascarpone mixture. Whisk together untill the mixture combined.
5. Dip one piece of lady finger in the coffee syrup and place in the bottom of serving dish, or glass. Spread the mascarpone mixture on top. make another layer of lady finger and mascarpone mixture. and refrigerate the tiramisu for 4 hours or leave overnight
6. Serve dusted with cocoa or grated chocolate

for Mascarpone cheese, I only found 2 brands, Tatua farms & yummy
for Tatua farms mascarpone you can get at Food hall, for about 36.000 IDR
and for Yummy mascarpone you can get at care4 or Hypermart for about 40.000 IDR
for this Tiramisu, I choosed Tatua farms mascarpone..

and for Whipped cream liquid, I used Elle&vire whipped cream.. I thinks its cheaper buy 1000g than 200g.. because for 200g, the price is about 22.000-25.000 IDR & for 1000g its about 52.000-71.000 IDR ( you can save it for another cake ^^). I got The best price for 1000g whipped cream at Carefour.. =)

Happy baking =)